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Forms and dosages:
  • Xenical (Orlistat) 60 mg capsules
  • Xenical (Orlistat) 120 mg capsules
  • Alli 60 mg capsules
  • Xenical 60 mg capsules
  • Xenical 120 mg capsules
  • Orlistat 60 mg capsules
  • Orlistat 120 mg capsules
  • Xenical 60 mg capsules
  • Xenical 120 mg capsules
  • Alli 60 mg capsules
  • Orlistat 60 mg capsules
  • Orlistat 120 mg capsules
  • Quantity in a package:
  • 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 pills
  • 10, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 270, 360 pills
  • 10, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 270, 360 pills
  • Brand / generic:
  • Xenical (Orlistat) generic
  • Alli generic
  • Xenical generic
  • Orlistat generic
  • Xenical generic
  • Alli generic
  • Orlistat generic
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    Some other medications in Xenical (Orlistat) pharmacological classes:

    Xenical (Orlistat)Orlistat (trade names include Xenical; Alli; Beacita; Cobese; Ecoslim; Lesofat; Orlistat Hexal; Lipocut; Obelit; Orlistat Sandoz; Obestat; Orlica; Orlifit; Orlistat Ratiopharm; O-Stat; Reeshape; Orlistat Teva; Xenistat; Zytrim) is an anti-obesity medication (diet pills, weight loss pills) from peripherally acting antiobesity products pharmacological group. This medicine is used for the treatment of obesity, to lose weight in overweight people. It work by preventing the absorption of fat from a food into the body, but not suppressing your appetite. Orlistat is also called as lipase inhibitor. The weight loss aid with Xenical and Alli should be combined with diet and exercises.

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  • General information about Orlistat (Xenical):

    Medical and pharmaceutical categories for Orlistat:

    • Anti-obesity medications
    • Diet pills
    • Inhibitors of pancreatic lipases
    • Weight loss drugs
    • Overweight treatment preparations

    The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system Orlistat codes:

    • A - Alimentary tract and metabolism
    • A08 - Antiobesity preparations, excl. diet products
    • A08A - Antiobesity preparations, excl. diet products
    • A08AB - Peripherally acting antiobesity products
    • A08AB01 - Orlistat

    Xenical in The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (World Health Organization, ICD-10) codes:

    • Obesity - E66
    • Obesity due to excess calories - E66.0
    • Drug-induced obesity - E66.1
    • Extreme obesity with alveolar hypoventilation - E66.2
    • Other obesity - E66.8
    • Obesity, unspecified - E66.9

    Pregnancy categories for Orlistat (Xenical):

    • B1 - Australia
    • X - United States (Should not be used during pregnancy)

    Salts and other Orlistat forms used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API):

    • Xenical Base

    Synonyms of orlistat, international and chemical names:

  • (-)-Tetrahydrolipstatin
  • Orlistaatti
  • Orlistate
  • Orlistato
  • Orlistatum
  • Orlipastat
  • Orlipastatum
  • Tetrahydrolipstatin
  • Tetrahidrolipstatin
  • Tetrahidrolipstatina
  • Tetraidrolipostatina

    Best known orlistat brands, generics and trade names in various countries:

  • Alli - GlaxoSmithKline
  • Amsa-Fast - Amsa Laboratorios
  • AM-Slim - Intra Labs India
  • Beacita - Polpharma; Actavis
  • Belivag - Novag Infancia
  • Beltas - Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  • Cobese - Ranbaxy
  • Crisplus - Elea Laboratorio
  • Cuvarlix - Pharmaniaga
  • Disgrasil - Lafrancol Laboratorio
  • Ecoslim - Micro Labs; Zizawa Healthcare
  • Fingras - Phoenix Laboratorios
  • Iraplax - Accord Farma
  • Laciney - Bruluagsa
  • Lesofat - InnoGen Pharma Group
  • Lindeza - Pisa Laboratorios
  • Lipiblock - Germed Farmaceutica
  • Lipocut - Lupin Laboratories
  • Lipophage - Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals
  • Obelit - Intas Pharmaceuticals
  • Obestat - Panacea Pharmaceuticals
  • Obezita - Sinsan Pharmaceuticals
  • Obitrol - Micro Labs; Carsyon
  • Oristal - Takeda Pharmaceutical
  • Orlica - Torrent Pharmaceuticals; Azuca
  • Orlidiet - Roemmers Laboratorios
  • Orlifit - Getz Pharma; Fair Deal; Ferozsons Laboratoies
  • Orlistat - Actavis; EG Labo; Hexal; Ratiopharm; Sandoz; Stada; Teva;
  • Orlistat Fast - Colmed International
  • Orlistate - Teva
  • Orlistato - Merckle; Polpharma; Ratiopharm; Sanofi-Aventis; Stada
  • Orslim - PharmEvo
  • Orsoten - KRKA
  • O-Stat - Aristo Pharmaceuticals
  • Quick Slim - Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Redicres - Columbia Laboratorios
  • Redustat - Liomont Laboratorios
  • Reeshape - Meyer Organics
  • Sidelg - Genfar Laboratorios
  • Slim Safe - Amoun Pharmaceutical
  • Slimfast - Intra Labs India; Intra Life
  • Thincal - Kocak Farma Ilac
  • Vyfat - Intas Pharmaceuticals
  • Xenical - Roche; Genentech
  • Xenistat - Precise Biopharma; Marksans Pharma
  • Xerograx - La Sante Laboratorios
  • Zytrim - Zydus Cadila

    Some other medications in Xenical (Orlistat) pharmacological classes:

  • Acomplia (Rimonabant)
  • Adipex-P (Phentermine)
  • Anorex (Amfepramone)
  • Apetinil (Etilamfetamine)
  • Appetrol (Cathine)
  • Belviq (Lorcaserin)
  • Bontril (Phendimetrazine)
  • Didrex (Benzphetamine)
  • Dinintel (Clobenzorex)
  • Duromine (Phentermine)
  • Ephedrin (Ephedrine)
  • Fastin (Phentermine)
  • Ionamin (Phentermine)
  • Isomeride (Dexfenfluramine)
  • Meridia (Sibutramine)
  • Phenamax (Green Tea)
  • Ponderal (Fenfluramine)
  • Pondinil (Mefenorex)
  • Reductil (Sibutramine)
  • Regenon (Diethylpropion)
  • Sanorex (Mazindol)
  • Tenuate (Amfepramone)

    Here is a list of some medications containing "Orlistat" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of orlistat drugs, their trade names, available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies - manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, researchers and developers:

    Trade name of the drug Pharmaceutical forms and doses Companies
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 60 mg
  • Tablets, Chewable; Oral; Orlistat 27 mg
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Agencia Lei Va Hong
  • Cheng Heng Hong
  • Famar
  • IDS Group
  • Beacita
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 60 mg
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 120 mg
  • Polpharma
  • Actavis
  • Cobese
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 60 mg
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 120 mg
  • Ranbaxy
  • Lipocut
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 60 mg
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 120 mg
  • Lupin Laboratories
  • Obelit
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 60 mg
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 120 mg
  • Tablets; Oral; Orlistat 120 mg
  • Intas Pharmaceuticals
  • Obestat
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 120 mg
  • Cipla
  • Panacea Pharmaceuticals
  • Reeshape
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 60 mg
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 120 mg
  • Meyer Organics
  • Xenical
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 120 mg
  • Roche
  • DKSH
  • Firma Chun Cheong
  • Genentech
  • HLR
  • US Vitamins
  • Zuellig Pharma
  • Zytrim
  • Capsules; Oral; Orlistat 120 mg
  • Zydus Cadila
  • AA Medical Products



    Xenical (Orlistat) is a highly trusted medication used for weight management along with a low-calorie diet. It prevents some of the consumed fats from absorption into the body. Used by medical specialists around the world to treat patients with obesity, Xenical has become a new phenomenon in the weight loss area. Also marketed as Alli, Orlipastat, Orlipastatum and Orlistat. *Xenical® registered trademark is the property of Roche Laboratories. Uses

    Xenical (Orlistat) is prescribed to significantly overweight persons for weight management purposes. For better results, the medication is used along with a low-fat diet. It can prevent some of the consumed fats from absorption by the intestine and thus blocks the mechanism of weight gain.

    How to take

    Use Orlistat exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Take it by mouth on an empty stomach at the same time each day. If stomach upset Xenical is taken orally three times a day, during or one hour after each fat containing meal. For better results, spread the daily consumption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates evenly between meals. If you skip a meal, skip the dose of Xenical as well. The medication may impede the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, or K; therefore, it is recommended to combine it with a daily multivitamin supplement, taken 2 hours before or after Xenical. It may take a significant amount of time before you notice the first weigh management results.

    Side effects

    Common side effects of taking Xenical include: fatty/oily stools, rapid bowel movements, headaches and intestinal gas. If any of these effects persist or worsen, contact your medical specialist. Intestinal side effects may increase with an increase of a daily dose. In case of any other side effects, speak to your doctor.


    Familiarize your medical specialist with your medical history, especially: allergies; digestion problems such as malabsorption or cholestasis; weak thyroid functioning and metabolism problems such as oxalate kidney stones or hyperoxaluria. Patients with anorexia nervosa and bulimia-type eating disorders should not take this medication. It is not recommended to use this medication during pregnancy or breast-feeding. It is yet unknown whether Xenical may pass into breast milk. Consult your doctor in advance.

    Drug interactions

    Notify your medical specialist about all other medications you are taking, including non-prescription medications, dietary supplements and herbal products, especially: cyclosporine, "blood thinners" (e.g., warfarin), diabetes medications (e.g., insulin) and other weight management medications. Take cyclosporine at least 2 hours before or after Xenical for better absorption. Do not take any medications without prior medical consult.

    Manufactured and distributed by Pfizer, Wyeth pharmaceutical companies and its divisions. Recent posts:


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